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Liam Benayon

Songwriter & Producer

Liam Benayon is a 21 year old emerging songwriter and producer hailing from Toronto, Canada, and now based in LA. He describes his style as anthemic, and electric, yet confessional. His influences start with the classic Pop titans like Madonna, Katy Perry, to Britney Spears, and extends behind the boards to Benny Blanco and Max Martin. With a mission to be a lyrical and sonic translator for others experiences and emotions, Liam hopes to continue sharing stories wrapped in a 3 minute timestamp.


Unreleased Work:

Released Work:

Full Credits Madison Rose "Girls Girls Girls" Released September 29, 2023 Production LUPO “Can I Tell You I Like You?” Released January 4, 2023 Production Ali Shah “Spoiler Alert” Released April 27, 2023 Production Ali Shah “Jinx It” Released February 10, 2023 Production Ali Shah “Maybe Maybe” Released September 2, 2022 Production Nicolas McCoppin “Perfect Pictures” Released July 2, 2021 Songwriting Nicolas McCoppin “Dancing On The Moon” Released July 30, 2021 Production/Songwriting Nicolas McCoppin “Subway Sunsets” Released September 25, 2020 Production/Songwriting FLAK, Nicolas McCoppin “First Avenue” Released May 6, 2022 Production/Songwriting POSSESSIVE, Kit Major “Masochist” Released July 31, 2020 Production

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