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Initially falling in love with music behind the scenes as a producer and songwriter, Liam Benayon finds his voice as a glittery, yet brash pop artist. The pairing of his synth driven dance productions, electronic vocal performances, and background in pure pop lyricism, offer an eclectic sonic experience. With a mission to draw from his traditional pop influences, and reinvent them in his own modern, brutally honest voice, Liam offers a fresh take on the classic genre.


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“Liam was selected by the Family Pride Committee Advisory based on his multiple references and excellent music recordings. During the Family Pride performance on June 26, 2022, he displayed incredible talent, energy and enthusiasm while engaging with the audience. Liam has cultivated great relationships with the stage manager and event producers. He has exceeded our expectations, and we are looking forward to working with him in the future.”


"Equal parts high energy and emotionally honest, singer-songwriter Liam Benayon creates an instant connection with the audience. 'I Need New Friends' has quickly become a Hummingbird Open Mic favorite."


Stepping out from behind the scenes, Toronto songwriter Liam Benayon trades pen for mic and drops his electro pop debut wizz-banger track ‘I Need New Friends’. The next great Canadian pop sensation has arrived.”


"I Need New Friends" added to Exclaim! Magazines "The Eh! List" Playlist

Featured on HowlMag's "Conversations with Hannah" Podcast


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